Dugger Mountain Music Hall is the public profile of a low profile ministry known as Our Father’s Arms (OFA), homes of healing and opportunity for individuals and families in crisis.

The reason OFA keeps a low profile is to protect the dignity and privacy of our residents. Though many have experienced rehabilitation and have found effective transition into healthy community, OFA is not a rehab or a half way house. We are very simply a Christ centered family learning to love and care for each other in a non-codependent way.

Headquartered in North East Alabama, OFA has been intimately and actively involved for 28 years sharing God’s love in prisons, jails, streets and toxic subcultures providing assistance to those who need and want help. This is done without ‘ability to pay’ being a determining factor.

Facilities include a 30 acre farm with a spacious home for men, a separate home a few minutes away on 3 acres known as: “Eagle’s Nest” for women including mothers and their children.

Near Cherkassy, Ukraine we have a home for men (former prison inmates and/or drug addicts) who need help in making the transition into healthy community.

Here in the US we have a communications center which houses a state-of-the-art recording studio, offices, apartment for hospitality, fellowship hall and the Dugger Mountain Music Hall. Even though all financial support has been and is unsolicited, the ministry has no mortgage and remains debt free.

In 2007 the Calhoun Baptist Association donated an abandoned church building 5 miles south of Piedmont, Alabama to BrokenStone Ministries, which is the 501 c3 non profit corporation doing business as “Our Father’s Arms.” This is where Dugger Mountain Music Hall began in 2010. Every 3rd Saturday night doors are opened to welcome the community, enjoy supper and family entertainment at no charge.

January 2012 Legacy TV Network began broadcasting our programs and our audience went from 90 to over 90 million! We can be seen each Saturday at 6:30 PM.  Click the Legacy Link below for affiliate stations or to watch on-line.

Dugger Mountain Music Hall is now also broadcast on the Heartland Network (formally TNN)  Sundays at 10AM CST and on Tuesday nights at 10PM on Alabama Public Television stations.

We have a heart of hospitality and you’re always welcome to come see us and meet the family.

To God be the glory!

In Our Father’s Arms,

Bob McLeod
Founder and Director
1 Corinthians 13:8

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