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Freely receive, Freely give

Our financial policy has always been “freely receive, freely give.” Our support comes from God’s people who hear His voice and obey Him without coercion or manipulation. We’ve never solicited. Sometimes we run. Sometimes we crawl. Sometimes it seems that we are in suspended animation, depending on cash flow.

God is our source and we are ever mindful that it’s His battle and He’s already won it! We also believe in hard work and continue to develop businesses that bless our community and provide work opportunities for our residents.

There have been many times it appeared that He would close the doors but all we’ve done is grow, expand and “throw a life line to more and more hurting people.” We have a 30 acre farm with a spacious home for men, a separate home a few minutes away on 3 acres we call, “Eagle’s Nest” for women including mothers and their children.”

We also have a communications center which houses a state of the art recording studio, offices, apartment for hospitality, fellowship hall and the Dugger Mountain Music Hall. The ministry has no mortgage and remains debt free.

Hundreds have called OFA home. Many have been healed and delivered from drug addiction and a cursed life style. We are intimately involved with the local Sheriff’s department, jail inmates and their families.

We are becoming a model to help other communities effectively address the epidemic crime rate resulting from drug addiction.