About Us

Dugger Mountain Music Hall is the public profile of Our Father’s Arms — Homes of healing and hope for individuals and families in crisis.

For over 27 years, Our Father’s Arms has intimately and actively shared God’s love in prisons, jails, streets, and toxic subcultures by providing assistance to those who need and want help.

We share God’s love without regard for our ‘ability to pay’. Even though all financial support is unsolicited, the ministry has no mortgage and remains debt free. Freely receive, freely give is our simple financial policy. Through the generosity of our supporters we’ve been able to reach and help many hurting people.

Our Father’s Arms keeps a low profile to protect the dignity and privacy of our residents. Exploitation for the sake of financial support would be to undermine the proven, effective philosophy and approach we take. Though many have experienced rehabilitation and have found effective transition into a healthy community, Our Father’s Arms is not a rehab or a half way house. We are, very simply, a Christ centered family.

Our Father’s Arms is headquartered in North East Alabama. Our facilities include a 30 acre farm with a spacious home for men; a separate 3 acre home a few minutes away for women, mothers and their children known as Eagles Nest; and a communications center which houses a state-of-the-art recording studio, offices, fellowship hall and the Dugger Mountain Music Hall. In 2007, the Calhoun Baptist Association donated an abandoned church building near Piedmont, Alabama to BrokenStone Ministries, which is the 501(c)(3) parent of Our Father’s Arms. Three years later we used this facility to start the Dugger Mountain Music Hall. Every third Saturday night we open our doors to welcome the community, enjoy supper and family entertainment.

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